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Welcome to "Ask Dr. Jeff". In this feature, patients and visitors submit questions to Dr. Jeff Shebovsky. Dr. Jeff answers all questions and select questions become the topic of a video below. Come back often to see future videos and if you have a question that isn't addressed in a video below, please use the form on the right to submit it to Dr. Jeff. Click on the title of videos below to watch them full size and to leave comments.

When you come to our office we will prescribe a treatment plan.  If, for example, we determine that you need to come in for treatment 3 times a week for a month, then we will expect certain results after a month based on you receiving 12 treatments.  If you miss appointments and wind up coming in twice a week, you will only wind up getting 66.6% of your treatment during that month.  Will you expect the same results?  

What if you were to do to your doctor with a sore throat and they prescribed an antibiotic to be taken 3 times a day for 10 days?  If you stopped taking them at day 7 or were only taking them twice a day, what would the doctor say when you still had symptoms during your follow-up visit?  They would ask if you took the prescription as directed.  

Your treatment plan and the associated appointments are also a prescription.  It represents a prescribed number of treatments over a specified number of time.  If you want to get better, please do what the doctor ordered!

When you are injured in a car accident in Florida, there are certain laws you need to be aware of in order to receive your full personal injury protection (PIP) medical benefits.  In this video, Orlando Chiropractor and Auto Injury Doctor, Dr. Jeff Shebovsky explains the Emergency Medical Condition requirement.

 Watch Orlando Chiropractor, Dr, Jeff Shebovsky explain "The 14 Day Rule" for getting medical attention after an automobile accident.

Dr. Jeff Shebovsky is the most recommended injury doctor in Central Florida. In this video he discusses what you can expect on your first office visit.
Orlando Chiropractor, injury doctor, and wellness expert, Dr. Jeff Shebovsky, talks about his favorite weight loss program that features great meals, quality protein, and low fat and carbs.
Orlando chiropractor and auto injury doctor, Dr. Jeff Shebovsky has the most high tech facility for treating auto injuries, neck pain back pain and spinal injuries. Learn about how he used advanced digital office to provide the safest, most accurate, and effective health care.
Orlando Chiropractor and Auto Injury Doctor, Dr. Jeff Shebovsky discusses SpineForce and it's revolutionary way of strengthening, conditioning, and healing the back and spine. He should know. There's only 200 of them in the USA and 2 of them are at his offices.
Children benefit from chiropractic even more than adults because their bodies are in a state of accelerated growth. Also, a child's growth is impacted by normal wear and tear injuries of just being a kid. Learn from Dr. Jeff how he can keep your child growing strong and healthy.
In this "Ask Dr. Jeff" video, dr. Jeff Shebovsky explains what you need to know about worker's comp injuries in the event that you are hurt on the job and what you should do immediately upon being injured.
Dr. Jeffery Shebovsky explains his free office consultation, why it is free, and what you can expect.


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