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published by Dr. Jeff on Mon, 05/04/2015

Virtual Chiropractor

Click on the image to use our Interactive 3D Simulator and learn more about spinal injuries and spinal conditions.

Ask Dr. Jeff - Your First Office Visit
See what our patients say:

Did you ever answer your doorbell to discover someone holding a large bouquet of flowers just for you?  Maybe they were holding balloons too.  Wasn't that a great feeling?  Everyone loves to get a surprise! 

This month we are celebrating all the people that deliver these awesome gifts.  Where would we be without them?  They come out in all kinds of weather, deal with barking dogs and sometimes barking people and carry items that... [Read More]

"Dr Jeff and the whole staff are very kind, very concerned about your pain, recovery from the pain and your future. Great office, great treatment."
- Lois

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